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Find out how will it sound at your place? Ask and we"ll send an In Store Music test program with music and messages targeted to your customers so you can hear it and judge. To arrange your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL Click Here

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With In Store Music running at your business your customers will be entertained by music but only ever hear your ads. Professionally produced announcements about your products, sales and promotions. It's like you own the radio station. At least that's what it sounds like when you have In Store Music working for you. You even get to select the music from our extensive libraries. Click Here

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Forget paying annual fees to APRA and PPCA for playing recorded music at your shop, office or store. Our Royalty Free Music library is the economic alternative. Check the quality. Click Here

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Now you can make sure the music plays but there's nothing risky to offend your customers. With an In Store Music program your customers hear the music you select and only your advertising. Nothing from competitors only professionally produced messages featuring your products and promotions. To arrange your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL Click here

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Your In Store Music program will run day after day off our amazing little player called The SC 2000. It's compact in size, big on performance and oh so easy to use.

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By selecting tracks from our vast music libraries for all genres you can create a play list that is ideal for your customers.

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Additional Services

  • Copywriting

    It can be frustrating exploring the economy of words and the discipline of writing scripts. So save time and your attitude and let our trained copywriters prepare your audio scripts for radio, TV, Cinema, internet & telephone messages. Keep it simple, just ask for a quote.

  • Translation

    The language a script is written in doesn't matter because we provide translation services and professional voice artists to record your messages in any modern language. Pick a language, ask and we'll deliver.

  • Studio Hire

    Our digitally equipped voice over studios provide state-of-the-art recording facilities. We provide full access to vast music and sound effects libraries and the opportunity to work on site or over the phone with experienced producer/engineers. Ask for a free quote.

  • Audio Hardware

    To play Messages On Hold your phone system may need an external player. We recommend our MOH 1200. It's as a proven performer. We also supply the SC 2000 Audio Player for In Store Music and Messaging programs. Ask for more details.

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